Congratulations to all of the Award Winners. See the Photos page.

THANKS to the SCOUTS for joining us at Donington.
Well done to the group that managed to finish the course without marking the map!

Check out some of the photos for this and previous events.

Despite the fair weather, plenty of orienteers came out to the event in Lincoln National Park
to use the Fisherman's Carcase map.
Here Tim, David and Brian discuss Tim's route choice!

Check out the photos on the Photo page.

Lincoln Orienteers had a bit of a break after the SA Champs event.
The EP Relays was the first event and we travelled to Saltbush Territory, near Whyalla.
HOW NICE it was to take part and not have to organise, cater etc.

A BIG THANKS to Saltbush. We enjoyed the event, commeraderie and a different terrain.
We DID NOT enjoy passing over all the trophies, but no love has been lost. You are our soul spirits.

The Champs are done and dusted! Thanks to the many involved.
Mount Dutton provided many challenges right from the start for some.
There was a 900m climb to get the the START! The views were fantastic.

Setting up

Keeping warm

The START is the high point.

The Start is up there.

Recreational orienteers register.

My Kitchen Rules.

The Championship base camp!

The Saltbush Orienteers head up.

The climb to the top gave good views.

Start list.

Presentations as seen by a late returner!


The Sandmine.
It was up to the START, but not to the top!

Lincoln O winners

The Clem and Lawson families organised a superb day both weatherwise and orienteering wise at Louth Bay.

See the Photos page for more pictures.

Thanks to Cath and Bron for organising a successful Cross Country event on Boston Island.
We enjoyed a perfect day.
Thanks to Peter Davies for allowing us to tramp about the island.

The Lincoln Orienteers Website is up and running again after several weeks of hiccups.
It still looks the same BUT we have a new site address.

Thanks to Cath and Jenny for organising a successful film night.
Great work Tim Klau in running the successful Kirton Point event, singlehanded.

See the map used for the event. The control descriptions are on the lower left hand side.
Which 8 controls would you visit to finish a course in 45 minutes?

It was beaut to see Juice Youth Group participate again.

Event 2 in Lincoln North was a success.
The Juice Youth Group had lots of fun.
Thanks to the Forbes family for a great event and a beaut Sausage Sizzle!
Go here to see the results and to see the map used.

If you have Primary School aged children, this may interest you.
It will mean the cost to attend Orienteering events will be lower for the family.

Orienteering for 2015 has begun!
This is the map used for the first event

AGM and Awards Presentation night.

Thank you to the outgoing committee for a great orienteering year.
Welcome to those who were selected to be on the 2015 committee.

Congratulations - AWARDS WINNERS 2014
Kev's Shield
: Gordon Pope
Hasty Hare:
Tim Ashman
Golden Tortoise:
Peg McAvaney
Barb Beitz Club Person Award:
Brian Ashton
Best Senior Male:
Tim Ashman
Best Senior Female:
Sylvia Dansie

Best Male and Best Female Orienteer

Hasty Hare and Golden Tortoise

"Kev's Shield" for winning the Street Park Handicap

Barb Beitz Club Person Award

Junior Participation Award

Junior Participation Award

Sunday, 7th September, 2014
End of Season event.

Thanks to Kevin for 3 fun events.


Part of the group.

Some of the group chatting after lunch!


Elise, Seb & Austin on the
Line (Lion) Hunt!

A bit of cricket before the Treasure Hunt.

Individual Treasure Maps for each child.


Yes please, I want a map!


Where do I go?


Follow the directions carefully!

Navigating the maze with a pirate in place
to keep things in order.

Captain Blood stashes the treasure.

Defending the treasure!

Dare you!

Winning over Captain Blood!

Enjoying the Loot!
Real Gold!
(Honeycomb supplied by Norm & Val Pope.)