We have a fundraiser on Thursday 26th February, 7pm at Youthoria

Come and see The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.
Lots of fun with Judy Dench, Maggie Smith and Richard Gere!

Tickets $15 available from members.

AGM and Awards Presentation night.

Thank you to the outgoing committee for a great orienteering year.
Welcome to those who were selected to be on the 2015 committee.

Congratulations - AWARDS WINNERS 2014
Kev's Shield
: Gordon Pope
Hasty Hare:
Tim Ashman
Golden Tortoise:
Peg McAvaney
Barb Beitz Club Person Award:
Brian Ashton
Best Senior Male:
Tim Ashman
Best Senior Female:
Sylvia Dansie

Best Male and Best Female Orienteer

Hasty Hare and Golden Tortoise

"Kev's Shield" for winning the Street Park Handicap

Barb Beitz Club Person Award

Junior Participation Award

Junior Participation Award

Sunday, 7th September, 2014
End of Season event.

Thanks to Kevin for 3 fun events.


Part of the group.

Some of the group chatting after lunch!


Elise, Seb & Austin on the
Line (Lion) Hunt!

A bit of cricket before the Treasure Hunt.

Individual Treasure Maps for each child.


Yes please, I want a map!


Where do I go?


Follow the directions carefully!

Navigating the maze with a pirate in place
to keep things in order.

Captain Blood stashes the treasure.

Defending the treasure!

Dare you!

Winning over Captain Blood!

Enjoying the Loot!
Real Gold!
(Honeycomb supplied by Norm & Val Pope.)

Sunday, 31st August, 2014.
Thanks for the event and the beaut bonfire Neil and Lee.
Thanks to the warming soup to the soup kitchen ladies.

Fireman on fire.
What course? Neil advises
The dragon orienteer.


Sunday, 24th August, 2014.
The orienteering season is drawing to a close. Come out to the Russells for a fun night event on Saturday 30th August.
Get the torches ready.
Wellies might be handy in some places!

Monday, 28th July, 2014.
Thanks Tim Ashman for a great event. The start area gave us great, breezy views in all directions of
Mt Greenly, Marble Range and Mt Dutton as well as Frenchman. Gordon's fire kept us warm!

Sunday, 20th July, 2014.
Well done Jenny Lawson for your win at the EP Orienteering Championships at Salt Creek On July 6th.
Thanks Saltbush for organising a great event and a mostly dry day!

Monday, 30th June, 2014.
Thanks Kevin for organising an event under trying circumstances.
Despite the wet and wind, there were participants in all of the 6 courses.
The sun came out as we finished packing up!

Monday, 16th June, 2014.
Yeah! Lincoln O once again have won some of the trophies:
Ironstone, Jade and Interclub.
Congrats to Saltbush on winning the Quartz. You were TOO fast!

Luck went our way again for the EP Relays, weather wise.
Thanks to Gary and Michael plus catering team for making the event a success!

Monday, 26th May, 2014.
Weren't we luck with the weather for yesterday's event at Kapinnie Lakes!
Tim Ashman and Phil Clem both did the Hard long course.
Compare their route choices:Tim in blue and Phil in red.

Monday, 19th May, 2014.
If you have a phone or any GPS tracker, bring it to the event.
Brian will explain. We can compare our route choices.
Here is a comparison of Peg (green) and Brian (brown). Note that Peg only did the 1st part of the Long course whereas Brian did both. Hence extra tracks. He concedes that Peg made much better route choices.
NB This is not exact as a GPS was not used when the map was made.

18th May, 2014.
It's a gorgeous day here in Pt Lincoln! Looks like a great week ahead weatherwise.
Here's a blast from the past, when we had the EP Champs and EP Relays at Kapinnie Lakes in 2010.

4th May, 2014.
Thanks Cath, Warren and Bron for organising the Premiere Cross Country event for 2014.
There were 5 great courses in Louth Bay that catered for all levels.
Brian collected data from people who used some sort of GPS device to track their run.
Here are 3 files for one person and a comparison to the second person.

Person A -The marked map
Person A -The GPS tracked map
Person A -The GPS tracked map via Google Earth
Person B-The GPS tracked map


4th April, 2014.
There were plenty of hills to contend with in Rustlers Gully!

28th March, 2014
Thanks David and Sheryl for allowing the use of your garden to start the Kirton Point Street Park event.
It provided a tranquil, relaxing and beautiful place to relax and socialise after the event.
The hens were a hit with the children!

Registration desk.

Careful planning happening here!

Registration desk AFTER the event.

I'm going to beat Marc back!

Who's racing who?

Registration desk.

14th March, 2014
We discovered the Danny Thorpe Reserve for our Street Park Orienteering event tonight.
THANKS!! Not sure?
Cath and Patrice gave us the highs and lows of Port Lincoln through their choice of START location.
With every up, there was a down. Unfortunately for ever down, there was an up.

However, the views were at their most spectacular to and from Control one.

Registration desk

Great views at the start.

Where will we go girls?

Here's the first hill to tackle.

A tough uphill finish for Portia and Elise.


A tough uphill finish for mum!


Comparing notes after the event.



How did we go?

Fast finish downhill.

Hot work for pooch.






Despite uphill battles not experienced at the Marina, it was still a great evening!

Thanks Peg and Jenny for providing an interesting course.
It helped reveal parts of Port Lincoln that many didn't realise existed

The weather was perfect even though a bit chilly towards the end. Remember a jacket for after at the next event!

It was great to see many 'newcomers' from the first event back for more.

Patrice and Cath have organised the next event.
Like this one, there will be ups and downs as well, due to terrain around the chosen START area!

REWARDS = fun, friendship, fitness, and discovering more of a fabulous place to live!

Ari and Kadek register for the event.

Indra gets help in planning his course.

Is this part of the pre-season Netball training regime?

The group plans out their course.

Street Park events allow you to exercise the dog as well!

It was tricky getting aound this rocky spot.

Writing the Start and Finish times are the responsibility of the orienteer.


It was tricky getting around this rocky spot.
Did having long legs make it any easier?

This is where we went mum!
Postmortems are part of the fun at Orienteering.

Orienteers old and new enjoyed the first event for 2014.

Report to the registration desk before starting and when you finish.

When events are held on public land, it is permissable to bring a leashed pet.


These young orienteers scootered their way around the course whilst accompanying a parent.


Thanks to the outgoing 2013 Committee for a great Orienteering year.
Congratulations -
Kev's Shield
: Jenny Lawson
Hasty Hare:
David Winters
Golden Tortoise:
Sylvia Dansie
Barb Beitz Club Person Award:
Kathy Sergejevs
Best Senior Male:
David Winters
Best Senior Female:
Elise Clem
Best Junior Male:
Connor Dickie
Best Junior Female:
Georgia Dickie
Most Improved:
Elise Clem
SPECIAL CONGRATULATIONS to Gary Ettridge who was awarded Life Membership for services to the club.

Hasty Hare - David Winters
Won for his performance at the Golf Course event.
Also awarded
Best Senior Male

Golden Tortoise - Sylvia Dansie
Won for her performance at Log Hut Gully.

Unique trophies created by Kevin Vigar.
What could you make with some scrap wire and a few safety pins?

Best Junior Female: Georgia Dickie
Best Junior Male: Connor Dickie

Kev's Shield: Jenny Lawson

Best Senior Female and Most Improved: Elise Clem

Barb Beitz Club Person Award: Kathy Sergejevs


SPECIAL CONGRATULATIONS to Gary Ettridge who was awarded Life Membership for services to the club.


Fabulous weather drew a big crowd of orienteers to the Fisherman's Carcase event in Lincoln Nationl Park.

The Barbecue plate was well used.

Thanks to Salbush for organising the EP Relays and Championships.

Congrats to our B Relay team for winning.

JOGGERS Old served someone well and New shone for their owner.

Log Hut was wet! Thanks Tim for setting up on a soggy day!

One didn't make it!


A great performance in the SA Champs Carnival Flinders Ranges 9-10 June 2013

Day 1 - 2nd position
Day 2 - 3rd position
Day 3 - 1st position

The cumulative score put him in 2nd place, 19 seconds behind the winner!
Detailed times


David and Brian are both participating in the
Orienteering Carnival in the Flinders Ranges.


Luck was with us for the event on 2nd June, 2013.
There was NO RAIN that had us coming back drenched!

Thanks to Jenny, Peg and Kevin for today's challenging courses.
We all did better thanks to David Winters coaching session.

The June 2013 long weekend 8-10th June
'Back to the Flinders' Orienteering Carnival

Details and registration.

Event organisers and committee members should see the lastest policies/guidelines on the LINKS page.

Lincoln has one superfast orienteer.
She was going too fast for the wonders of modern photographic technology to capture!!!

Can you smell the feet?
Who was tired after orienteering around the hilly Lincoln West area
on Friday 5th April?

Did you guess the shadow below?
Cath Dickie had a go.
"I think it may be Georgia,Makenzie,Connor, Zali & Jade
If Not Connor it could be Mark Forbes."

April Fools Day Prank?

While Brian and Tim were in Bendigo for the 3 day Orienteering Carnival, they learnt that the the event below
over the Queen's Birthday Weekend won't be held in Broken Hill after all.


Queens' Birthday!
Are you keen to head to the SA 'Back to Broken Hill' orienteering carnival (8-10 June, 2013)
Lincoln O members are. The program is looking good. It will be a great time of the year to visit this area.

Thanks Marc and Mark for a great day at Coffin Bay on Sunday 24th March.
Gary Ettridge completed both the Street Park and bike O events.

Check out the links page for some new additions to help you with orienteering.

Can you guess the shadow?
David Winters took this photo at the Kirton Point event.
The Photos page is gradually getting updated so check it out.

Have you registered as a club member for 2013?
The process has been changed this year.
Here's what you do.
NB This does not apply to the occasional orienteers

Change to 2013 Program

Check that you have the correct venue for the events on 23 June 2013 and 28 July 2013.
Changes were made to the original program on 11th February, 2013

First event for 2013
Thanks to Sylvia & Phil for the organising the evening.
It was enjoyed by 84 people, many who were newcomers.

Congratulations - AWARDS WINNERS 2012
Kev's Shield
: Barry Hetherington
Hasty Hare:
Cameron Forbes in 7.1 min per km at Boston Island
Golden Tortoise:
Warren Dickie in 214min at Pinjetta
Barb Beitz Club Person Award (inaugural):
Gordon Pope
Best Senior Male:
David Winters
Best Senior Female:
Peg McAvaney
Best Junior Male:
Cameron Forbes
Best Junior Female:
Most Improved:
Chris McFarlane