2019 ORIENTEERING in Port Lincoln

Event 1 Street Park Orienteering
Sunday 10th February
Register on the lawn area next to the Yacht Club.
Start anytime between 10-11am

REGISTER from 9.45am

Discover Port Lincoln
in a fun way.
20 controls are placed around the event area. You may find any number of them, in any order.
For those wanting a challenge, try to find all 20 in 45 minutes! It has been done!


For further information phone 8683 0635

Make an active start to the weekend with family and friends.
Ideal for newcomers right through to the super fit who want a challenge.

Here is a sample Street Park event map.
What route choice would you make to collect 8 controls with least back-tracking?

For further information contact:

Bron Saint - Secretary - tfeyre@internode.on.net
; 0428 839 633